Saturday, March 19, 2011

Patio Gardening

I love to see a person living in a apartment with limited space plant a garden. when it comes to creating a patio Garden its really easy and rewarding.

What to grow

Grow whatever you like in the containers

There’s no rule that says that any plant won’t grow in a container. I grow trees, perennials, vines, roses, water plants, annuals, vegetables and herbs in mine.

Why not?

And you can combine them!

Again, why not put a perennial in with annuals? Why not tuck a basil or parsley herb in amongst the vegetables? Why not grow a big banana tree and tuck annuals at the base? Or put other smaller pots around on the soil of the bigger pot?

(That’s how I overwinter some of the more tender patio gardening plants – I set several smaller pots on the soil of my banana tree pot to relieve crowding at the window – soil doesn’t need light, the leaves do)


  1. Hi Nicole. I landed here when I was looking for companion plans for petunia. Nice blog! What have you planted with petunia in this picture?